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Your Complete Healthcare Solution

MedX Group’s mission begins with empowering patients to manage their health. We see our company as a solution to help patients and providers be accountable for reducing the skyrocketing healthcare costs that have been handcuffing the U.S. healthcare system. The HITECH Act also has a similar mission. Currently less than 1% of hospitals are paperless. Current legislation mandates that health entities reduce healthcare costs through the use of technology, which includes certified Electronic Medical Records and end-to-end data continuity. The “meaningful use” adoption objective is to have 100% of hospitals and physicians by 2019.hospital

At the same time, we do not see border limitations for our technology. MedX’s proprietary information exchange platform, coupled with our other healthcare products, allows for us readily move into foreign markets that have been identified as being compatible.

To fulfill our mission, we offer an array of software products and services, beginning with our patient portal that seamlessly connects to our other healthcare components and technologies, including a certified EMR. Understanding that government incentives drive the market, we adhere to these incentive schedules that are being implemented to provide the spark to move away from the costly fee-for-service model currently employed. Our core mission focuses on the patient-centric approach to healthcare, opposed to utilizing archaic, legacy systems that are soon to be “sunset-ed” like those used by the major players in this space.

As a Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company, MedX Group built a leading-edge software development company that offers an integrated suite of products and services to physicians, hospital practices and healthcare organizations, which allows providers to share information across their healthcare ecosystem. From turnkeyElectronic Medical Records & Practice Management Solutions to specific customized software services, MedX Group provides healthcare professionals a wide array of options to address their individual needs. MedX Group is a privately-held leader in clinical solutions. Its solutions extend the use of electronic health records beyond practice walls with the latest technologies and create community-wide records.